New Header Images

Look up! New header images are being created! And, thanks to the lovely code provided to me by Chris Schierer, they will rotate at random.

However, as is my normal method when doing things webbish, I’m trying to smash together a few pieces of code that aren’t getting along. If you notice the header doing weird stuff and/or the website occasionally providing only a PARSING ERROR – YOU SUCK notice, that’s all me. It’ll be fixed soon.

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4 Responses to New Header Images

  1. Annie says:

    O.k. I know you have more grey hair than I do, but I don’t think you’ve become a cat.

    An image of Psyche is titled “self-portrait” as one of your header images.

  2. Bill says:

    No, no. You’re missing the message. Psyche took that picture. She’s a devil with the camera, that cat.

  3. Chris says:

    Excellent extension of the original code. Nicely done.

    One comment though, and it’s really a nit… the quotes above the image are different lengths (or should I say heights?), which causes the page to jump around (up and down) when the page is refreshed.

    Are the quotes and pictures coordinated? I ask because I had the wonderful juxtaposition of:

    “Better to have one freedom too many than one freedom too few.”
    … and the stormtroopers marching through Atlanta.

    (Also, several quotes I recognized lack attribution, Jenn must be flogging you… but I suppose there are worse things.)

  4. Bill says:


    The quotes and pictures are not coordinated, so your Stormtrooper/Freedom juxtaposition was coincidence.

    You wouldn’t be having the hippity-hoppity nature of the page if you didn’t keep refreshing! :) The size of the quote currently determines the size of that box. Not sure how to fix that attractively. I’ll probably leave it like it is.

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