Blog Theme Revampification

The latest theme for this blog is at a point now where I’ll leave it alone for a while. Thanks go to several people who either contributed ideas or code.

Firstly to Sadish Balasubramanian of WordPress Themeshop for providing such a nice theme for me to mess about with. If I had more time and desire, I’d probably try to write up my own theme, but I don’t so I’m happy to fool around with other people’s. Additionally, John Scalzi is using this theme on his Whatever, which is where I saw it first and decided that I wanted to use it.

Secondly to Chris Schierer for providing me with his Rotating Header Image™ code which I proceeded to emasculate for my purposes. The implementation at his blog is much more interesting, providing a small probability of a “weird” logo as well as Holiday logos on the appropriate days. Thanks, Chris.

Thirdly to Josh Hallet and his Hyku website which I covet and admire. You’ll recognize that I stole with malice aforethought his header image thematics. His site is much better than mine. See my note above about time, etc. Thanks, Josh.

Lastly…well there is no lastly. Here’s the the new look. Keep looking for new header images. I can see where I might end up with a lot of those.

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