Political Action Spam

I’ve been spammed by a political contribution aggregator named ActBlue1.

Hello Fundraiser!

Thanks again for creating a fundraising page to support Barack Obama.

Now that you’ve spread the word and hopefully have contributions rolling in, we’d like to show you how to track your progress.

As a page creator, you can see who has contributed to your page and download all the data to an Excel or Access file to keep the information organized.

Apparently, they accept donations in the name of candidates and then send those donations to said candidates. This lets the political beasts outsource any dealings with credit cards for donations. What’s funny is that I’ve never heard of this organization before and I certainly didn’t set up a fundraising page for Barack Obama. If I want to organize money for Senator Obama, I’ll just send him a check.

I’m curious how I wound up on their rolls.

I’ve already hit them with the unsubscribe whammy. Hopefully, they’ll stop bugging me.

1Spammers don’t get linked in my blog

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