Gales of Laughter

I made a huge mistake at 12:55 this afternoon. I checked the Whatever and saw that John Scalzi is running a contest. He is asking for creative hate mail to include on the rear cover of his latest book “Your Hate Mail will be Graded.” In that entry, he linked to an entry he’d posted in 2002 concerning the content of the hate mail he receives and ways in which it could be improved to be more interesting to him, the receiver. My mistake was to read this 2002 entry. From 12:57 to 1:05 I was causing myself serious stomach distress by trying to hold in the gales of laughter which would have brought the rest of the office to my door. I had a coworker call from over his cubicle wall, “Are you ok?” after a snort had escaped my control.

This was honestly the funniest thing I’ve read in months. Maybe years.

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