Cell Phone Chargers and Power Savings

“Duh!” [smack]

That was the sound of me smacking myself in the forehead for something that is, in hindsight, blatantly obvious.

Save energy by unplugging your various AC/DC converters. All of those little black boxes plugged into your walls, plus your computer, Tivo, TV, VCR, stereo, printer, etc. etc., draw little trickles of power while you’re not using them. The linked website recommends unplugging them, I say keep all that stuff plugged into power strips which you physically turn off. That saves time as well as energy.

Here’s a nice gadget that will tell you just how much juice these things are drawing.

Will this all add up to something significant? Something that will effect an affect affect an effect to your monthly electrical bill? Perhaps not, but every little bit helps.

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