Random TV Shoutout -or- One of the Best TV Show Episodes Ever

Whoah Nelly! This post has been sitting around since January. Time to get it out the door. Parts are less timely, because Doctor Who season 3 is nearly over, but the meat of the post is still relevant.

If you read my blog, you probably don’t need me to tell you that the latest edition of Doctor Who is in its third season (in the US). I’ve been liking the show, although I think season three is much better than the other two (yet I miss Christopher Eccelston from season one). I haven’t been making it a habit to watch each show. More or less I watch it if Jenn is watching it, which means I’ve caught about a third of them.

This has changed since I watched last week’s Doctor Who episode entitled “Blink” and was totally blown away. It was a suspenseful episode which gave me the same creepy-eerie feeling I had when I saw the original “Fly” from the 50’s. It was spectacularly well blocked and shot, and this has been recognized by the Hugo Nomination Process because “Blink” is one of the nominees for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.

It deserves it. Even if you don’t know like Doctor Who, you’ll probably like this episode.

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