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Spore Creature Creator

I decided to download and play with the free version of the Spore Creature Creator. Beware the Slammadon. He likes to head-butt.

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Homosexual Earns Olympic Berth

No, I’m not being anti-gay. At least, I’m not. They are most definitely being anti-“Gay” and to understand the reference, I’m going to be mean and make you click through the link to Off Resonance’s coverage of the Gay/Homosexual Olympic … Continue reading

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Are MMORPGs Addictive?

Cognitive Daily shows the results from a limited study of how several computer games affect college students. Are MMORPGs the new reefer? Perhaps. I do not play WOW or Age of Conan or any of the other MMORPGs. I’ve refused … Continue reading

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Tunguska Centennial

Today is the 100 year anniversary of the Tunguska meteor impact. If you don’t know why this is important, I suggest you read “Rain of Iron and Ice” by John Lewis. I own a copy so if you’re ever in … Continue reading

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Poison Ivy

Today’s Xkcd hits a bit close to home for me. One of my fun surprises when I moved to Atlanta was just how big poison ivy can grow around here. A tip: if you’re hiking in Georgia, don’t lean against … Continue reading

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Jenn and I saw “Wanted” this evening. I’m sure our primary motivation to see this was Angelina Jolie, which shows what sort of literary taste we have. Verdict: Not bad, but definitely not good. It’s a bloody action film with … Continue reading

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Blog Theme Revampification

The latest theme for this blog is at a point now where I’ll leave it alone for a while. Thanks go to several people who either contributed ideas or code. Firstly to Sadish Balasubramanian of WordPress Themeshop for providing such … Continue reading

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New Header Images

Look up! New header images are being created! And, thanks to the lovely code provided to me by Chris Schierer, they will rotate at random. However, as is my normal method when doing things webbish, I’m trying to smash together … Continue reading

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Jenn's Coming Home!

Yay! Jenn will be “home” in an hour. By “home” I mean Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. I guess I should think about departing to pick her up.

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Favorite Photo of the Week

Dad’s visiting. We went to Anna Ruby Falls near Unicoi State Park in north Georgia. I need a haircut.

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