Why Parrots are Annoying

I do not self-identify as liberal. Nor do I self-identify as conservative. And I agree, Liberals are annoying (so are conservatives). But not half as annoying as this young woman. Let me know how far you get through the video.

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3 Responses to Why Parrots are Annoying

  1. Annie says:

    O.k., in comparison, the worst of the student papers I just graded were better formed than that.

    Oh, and I didn’t get further than 30 seconds – and that was only because I got distracted by a commercial (why has Meatloaf sold out to AT&T?).

  2. Bill says:

    I watched (well listened) to the whole of Number 1, just like I wouldn’t be able to turn away from a train wreck if I saw one. I did not, however, subject myself to the second video.

  3. zerj says:

    ugh. I made it to 1:32 but I did have to pause for 5mins in the middle

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