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Hugo Short Stories

The 5 short stories nominated for the Hugo Award are available to be read, for free, and they’re conveniently linked by SF Signal. They are all, with the exception of “Last Contact” by Stephen Baxter, going to be on Escape … Continue reading

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Red Light Enforcement

I know that there are people who read my blog who aren’t otherwise in contact with me. For those people (and anyone else who cares to respond here, rather than the emails I sent out) I have a question: Do … Continue reading

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Professors are Evil

Apparently, My Wife is an evil, elitist, america-hating communist. My favorite part of this article is the “Crimes by Professors” section. They couldn’t find anyone denied promotion for stealing reams of paper? Edit 0715: It is to laugh… Were you … Continue reading

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Science Fiction is Love

Do you like science fiction? I like science fiction. I like science fiction because so much of science fiction is fucking hilarious. For example. John Scalzi. I’ve read this story several times, but I read it again today and I’m … Continue reading

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I Edit

I edit my wife’s papers and articles. Usually this is pretty boring (sorry sweetie!) but occasionally it’s downright funny. Mostly because of Autocorrect, which occaisionally inserts some odd words. Such as this one: … the popularity elves of other categories … Continue reading

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Flying Spaghetti Monster

My friend Tom Sisson brought to my attention a recent post to the Flying Spahetti Monster website. The proprietor posted a ranting screed that he had received via email. It’s amusing to read, especially if you hie to pastafarianism, but … Continue reading

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We're Doomed!

Scifi Disaster flicks are a staple of the industry. Good Scifi disaster flicks are the minority. It looks like there will be soon a new miniseries to add to the other category. Budgeted at $13 million, the effects-heavy “Impact” chronicles … Continue reading

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"Sweeney Todd"

We watched Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street last night. When we turned it on, the advance warnings came up and one was the movie rating: R for “Graphic Bloody Violence”. Oh my god, they were right. If … Continue reading

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"Don't Bore Me" -or- Why I'm not Finishing this Book

I read Kate Elliot’s Manifesto this morning and it has pushed me over the edge to a decision I’ve been edging toward for the past few days. I will not finish Verner Vinge’s A Fire upon the Deep, despite being … Continue reading

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Fixing Education

I’ve surfed some today. Here is one method to encourage attention during class.

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