Flight Check-in Woes

I learned today that Delta is following other airlines’ lead and has started charging for a second checked bag. $25 is the nominal fee. My response? What will this do to check in lines?

Honestly, I don’t really object to the airlines charging us more for carrying more luggage. If they need to do that to stay in business, then that’s what they’ll do. Of course, it might lead me to airlines that don’t charge that extra bit, but it’s all part of the consumer selection model.

What I strenuously object to are the waits that this is going to throw in at the baggage check in counter. I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay that extra $25 when I purchase the ticket, so I might be showing up at the airport and need to pay for a second bag. This is going to add time and hassle to an already hassleful exercise. Blah!

It’s amusing to me that 5 hours is my cut off right now for what is too close to fly to. If it’s five hours or less by car, I’m driving.

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