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ING Georgia Half Marathon

Jenn and I ran the ING Georgia Half Marathon today in lovely, cold, wet, windy Atlanta. Despite the weather and the hilly course, we both broke our personal records at the Half distance. I had wondered if I was going … Continue reading

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Happy Down with Sauron Day!

Today is the anniversary of the culmination of Frodo and Sam’s journey to the Crack of Doom and the downfall of Sauron and the end of the third age. All hail the age of Men!

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Flight Check-in Woes

I learned today that Delta is following other airlines’ lead and has started charging for a second checked bag. $25 is the nominal fee. My response? What will this do to check in lines? Honestly, I don’t really object to … Continue reading

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On a Personal Note…

Today marked several things, two of which I’ll mention: One, I ran farther than I’ve ever run before (at one time). I mentioned this last fall, but I’m training for another half marathon and today I ran 13.3 miles. Very … Continue reading

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David Weber Book for Sale

I am a big fan of David Weber’s Honor Harrington Series, which is on book 11, with several side novels* and 4 short story anthologies. To the dismay of his Honor fans, Mr. Weber writes in other worlds than just … Continue reading

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Amusing Email Subject Lines

I get email. Most of it is requested, thankfully. Some of the daily and/or alert emails I get come from NASA and the NY Times. Today I received emails that stacked up next to each other with these headlines: “Today’s … Continue reading

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Harry Potter 7 is to be Two Movies

I saw on the newswire that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be broken up into two movies. “It was born out of purely creative reasons,” producer David Heyman told the Times. “Unlike every other book, you cannot remove … Continue reading

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Fuck that Shit! CNN and Misrepresentational Journalism

I hate journalists sometimes. For example, something that caught my eye: “Gosh Darn! Cussing Banned in California Town” The headline purports that some sort of legal act was passed to assign punishment to swearing. That is the generally accepted definition … Continue reading

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Gary Gygax: 1938-2008

If you are not a gamer, or related to a gamer, or you do not hang around with gamers, you may be unaware of Gary Gygax, one of the co-founders of Dungeons & Dragons. Gary Gygax wrote a great deal … Continue reading

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Bookshelves by Color

I’m not this bored. Or artistic. Check out Chotda’s Rainbow Bookshelf.

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