Georgia is Off its Rocker

I must sincerely apologize to the rest of the nation. I live in a state that has just selected, as the republican candidate, a repeat of the last administration. We are one of three states so far that deigns to give Mike Huckabee a shot at screwing up our nation even more. The other contenders? West Virginia and Alabama.

I’m embarrased.

In our defence, I will point out that it was relatively close. Huckabee won with 34% with McCain at 32% and Romney at 30%. It was not a landslide by any means. But still. Come on people. Look at him. He’s a bible-thumping god-whalloper. Haven’t we shown what bible-thumping god-whallopers can do in the modern era? Jimmy Carter! George Bush! Two of our worst presidents ever.

Georgia has a long time to think about this. Hopefully, come November, we’ll vote with a bit more intelligence.

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5 Responses to Georgia is Off its Rocker

  1. James Cronen says:

    In Georgia’s defense, I’d imagine that the metro Atlanta voting bloc is quite different than the rural part of the state’s tendencies. Of course, 34% of your state is still clearly insane.

  2. Tom Sisson says:

    We almost called you since you called us in a panic when initial reports of the NH Primary stated that Huckabee was in the lead. He eventually came in 3rd with only 11% of the vote in NH.

  3. Steph says:


    Are you hicks crazy?

    That’s right, someone from NEW HAMPSHIRE is calling you a hick.

  4. Ken says:

    I fear for the “Chesapeake Primary” next week. Northern Virginia might be sane, but Richmond and the rest of the state I fear. It should be *interesting*.

  5. Annie says:

    But don’t you know, a firm belief in God will set our country back on the right path.

    Oh man, did I just take a swig of the funky Kool-Aid or what?

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