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Favorite Photo of the Week

On Tuesday morning this week, I learned that I wasn’t going to be at work on time. A strong, fast, thunderstorm blew through Georgia and my house was about 200 yards away from a particularly strong set of winds. Several … Continue reading

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We had an interesting morning today. At 6:30 AM we awoke to gust front of a storm. Actually, the gust front was the storm because we got barely any rain, but a significant number of lightning strikes plus some major … Continue reading

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We finally got around to seeing the movie Sunshine”. In two words: It sucked. I wasted another two hours of my life on overblown trash. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie for 8 months and boy was I … Continue reading

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McDonald's and Science

Apparently, they’ve not fixed their problem. A ways back, I noted that there was a bit of a science issue with the Happy Meal Container. Now, Milowent has made the same observation.

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Best Quote Since the Last One

John Scalzi has hammered it deep: I’m feeling a little bit sorry for Hillary Clinton recently, because her campaign is caught up in an event it truly can’t control: the messianic fervor surrounding Obama. Clinton’s been trying to go negative … Continue reading

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Robo Cop in Atlanta

Read this. Hmmmm… I question the legality of using a remote controlled robot to spray people with water who might be violating the law.

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Amused! Apply Directly to the Forehead!

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Children of Men: The Movie!

This is such an old draft, I’m not sure why I never finished it. I watched this movie in October. Alert readers may recall that I read the P.D. James novel, Children of Men, last summer. I didn’t like it. … Continue reading

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Email Spam

I just received some email spam. The subject line was “New Job! Jargonizing!” I want a job where all I do is “jargonize.” It sounds like fun.

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Religious Uncleanliness

I’m all for religious tolerance, at least as long as the religion in question isn’t trying to impose it’s crazy beliefs on others, but there are limits. Say, the proscription from becoming sterile before operating on an open torso. Women … Continue reading

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