I'm not an Oscar Guy

2007 is a celebrated year for the Ruhsam in our household.


Because I managed to see almost none of the Oscar-nominated films. You have to go all the way down to … wait! The nominations have been yanked as I looked at them. How amusing. I guess someone published the website too early.

Anyway, as I was perusing, I saw that the only movies I’d seen that had any nominations were Transformers (sound editing), Pirates of the Caribbean (Costumes? I forget exactlyMakeup), and there was one other I’m forgetting at the moment. I think it was for Makeup. the other one was The Golden Compass for Art Direction.

So, basically, I don’t see Oscar films, apparently.

I’d give you the scoop on what was up as I was looking at Best Actor/Actress and Best Film, but why not just wait 30 minutes and it’ll be back up.

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