Podcasting Music Angst

This is a call for assistance.

If you listen to the latest episode of Talking Traffic you will hear the sort of music that I’m looking for on my podcast.

I search now and then on magnatunes.com and the podsafe music network, but I have singularly failed in finding what I need.

Therefore, a Challenge! With a Reward! Find me a piece of music with similar qualities to the intro of the linked podcast, but without any vocals. It can be instrumental, Rock, electronic, whatever. It needs to be either for podcast purposes in particular, or availabe for licensing at a reasonable rate. If you need some other inspiration, for music that I think works well, listen to the intros to Escape Pod, or Mostly ITP.

The winner, judged solely by me, will be awarded a place for all eternity, resting in the audio archives of the internet, embalmed inside a podcast (as soon as I figure out how to record Skype).

The problem is that most of the podcast producers I listen to with cool music are music geeks. They’re always listening to different things in their spare time. Me, I’ve always been a top 40, greatest hits, what’s on the radio kind of person. This is why I call out to the interwave for help.

Bring on the music! I will await with open arms.

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3 Responses to Podcasting Music Angst

  1. Jeff says:

    I would recommend Cloud Cult or The Tea Party.

  2. Rusty says:

    Thanks for the compliment about our intro music Bill!

    We found that song on Magnatune, which is an awesome online-only record label that lets podcasters use its artists’ music for free so long as they are credited.

    I’ve also heard that CCMixter is good, but haven’t had a chance to go through it much.

  3. Bill says:

    Thanks guys.

    Rusty, I really like the Drop Trio music that you use on Mostly ITP. If you hadn’t already “branded” it in my head, I’d steal it for my podcast.

    Thanks for the tip about CCMixter. I’ll check it out.

    Jeff, that’s good music, but not for my podcast. I’ve found it very difficult to verbally describe to people what I’m looking for. The best I’ve done is point them at music (like Mostly ITP) being used in a context I think is appropriate.

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