Wool-less Sheep

According to a story I read this morning, the cost of shearing sheep is going up while the price of wool is going down. Therefore, more and more sheep farmers are going to woolless sheep in order to avoid the expensive shear every year.

I hazard three conclusions from this article:

  • Sheep are being grown more for meat than for wool, nowadays?
  • Shearing is a requirement every year for wooly sheep?
  • There’s a breed of sheep without wool? Weird.

If #2 is true, how did sheep ever survive in the wild? Why can’t the farmers just not shear their sheep every year? This begs for further investigation.

As a last note, I don’t believe that I would have picked the word “woolless” if given the option. It’s a mouthful. I would have gone with “woolfree” because, though it might sound funny, it’s catchy.

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