Today I hearken for the heady days of no electronics. Why? Because it’s really damn difficult to keep all of my gadgets and computers and infonodes synched up to current information. At the moment, I’ve given up a bit. My 5 year old PDA has kicked (sort of), and it’s a pain to try and synch my home computer calendar/contacts (Outlook) to my work computer calendar/contacts (Outlook). Jenn and I have just started using Google Calendar for most of our scheduling, plus there’s this wireless talkie device I have in my pocket. Like I said, At the Moment, none of these things talk to each other. Additionally, Jenn and I will more than likely be purchasing snazzy mo-bile dee vices come this spring when our two year committment to T-Mobile is up. Thusly another set of doo-dads to keep in contact. It’s a pain, and I’ve got to figure out where the main repositories need to be. They’re not going to be all in one spot, for example my work contacts generally happen at work so I can’t give up keeping info on my work computer, but then there’s no need for all of my personal contacts to be kept there (and backed up by the company, which bugs me a bit). My calendar has already made the jump to hyperspace by transferring to Google, but google calendar is still a bit flaky so I feel I need an offline (or at least off-web) version to view when necessary. This would optimally be both of my Outlooks, if I could get them to synch up with Google. It would be GREAT if I could get my phone to talk to everybody, but the phone I have now is memory-anemic and not up to the task, even if I had the cords and software to do it.

I’m exploring a utility called ScheduleWorld that might allow me to do all of the above. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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