Upgrade to Windows XP!

If you upgrade to windows XP, it will be worth your time.

PS. The comments are also entertaining. Mostly they are pingbacks, but down near the bottom (at the moment) on Sunday, December 16, 2007 2:25 AM by Daniel P, there is this:

I find this really irritating. I don’t like to resort to petty names and dememeaning insults, but, you bunch of caterwauling babies; deal with it. Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for XP. It’s not a question of if, it’s only a matter of when. Microsoft may have granted XP a stay of execution and even agreed to allow OEM licensure to continue, but XP’s days are numbered.

At the end Daniel P summarizes his entire comment with “…get a grip.” I agree, Daniel. Do that.

There there is this, by Scoobie “Doobie” Doobwah:

Also, Microsoft is the name of the *company* you are referring to, not the companies, and so you should say Microsoft is not Microsoft are. Again, Word should probably underline that in green for you this time, which signifies your lack of basic grammar to compliment you fantastic vernacular. I’m using the word fantastic to mean “make believe” not “good” in this case.

I didn’t realize that people still flamed others on blog postings over inconsequential grammar mistakes. I guess I was wrong.

I need to surf more Microsoft vs. Apple boards because I’m obviously out of touch with the war.

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3 Responses to Upgrade to Windows XP!

  1. James Cronen says:

    The one “error” isn’t even an error.

    International English favors using a plural verb form when speaking of a [singular] noun that describes a collection of people. For example, “Microsoft have decided that it is in their best interest…”, “The team have decided that they need to win more…”, etc.

    Since the original blog post is coming from *.co.za (South Africa), we know that the original post was actually correct. (I used to work with a lot of South Africans at a previous job, and this is how I know what I do about international English versus American English.)

  2. Annie says:

    And the flame illustrates one of the reasons I left grammarpolice on LJ. The person trashing the grammatical mistake makes his own: “which signifies your lack of basic grammar to compliment you fantastic vernacular”

  3. Bill says:

    @Annie Yeah, I noticed that, too.

    Actually what happened was his comment was cut off, and he was in the middle of a compliment. “…which signifies your lack of basic grammar to compliment, you fantastic vernacular dude!”

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