Scalzi vs. Ipod

Johns Scalzi sums up my opinions of the technologically closed system that is the Ipod.

…no matter how cool and stylish every Apple product is, I sort of resent that they all drive you to suckle exclusively at Steve Job’s hairy manteat.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my Ipod Nano, but I hate my slavery to Itunes, which totally sucks.

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4 Responses to Scalzi vs. Ipod

  1. Jeff says:

    Whenever anyone rants about Microsoft I bring this up. Apple tried to do exactly what they do with the ipod to PC’s and lost. I picked up a $30gb Zune for $79, how much does a 30gb Ipod cost?

  2. Bill says:

    Well, I’ve never used a Zune, but I hear that they are much less user friendly than the Ipod.

    How do you sync up a Zune?

  3. Jeff says:

    Having used an Ipod I would say that the user interface is easier, although I can’t say the Zune is that much better. You sync up through the “Zune” program which seems to be a beefed up version of windows media player. It’s not a bad program, it’s not a great program. As for formats you can do most of the formats out there except for of course… mp4, which is itunes. The ipod is more polished, but I’ll take my $180 and buy music any day.

  4. Tom Sisson says:

    What don’t you like about iTunes? I personally love the smart playlist feature. Do any other media players have this functionality yet? This makes it so much easier than trying to manage my playlists manually.

    I have a playlist that selects random 4GB (size of my Nano) of music that are four and five stars that I haven’t played in 2 months. Keeps my music fresh on every sync.

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