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Today I hearken for the heady days of no electronics. Why? Because it’s really damn difficult to keep all of my gadgets and computers and infonodes synched up to current information. At the moment, I’ve given up a bit. My … Continue reading

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Wool-less Sheep

According to a story I read this morning, the cost of shearing sheep is going up while the price of wool is going down. Therefore, more and more sheep farmers are going to woolless sheep in order to avoid the … Continue reading

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"I Am Legend"

We saw “I Am Legend” last night. Of all the movies to see on Christmas Day, this wasn’t a good one to pick. Not because it wasn’t an excellent movie; Will Smith did a fabulous job of portraying a man … Continue reading

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"The Breakup" a.k.a. "Crap"

Given our recent experience with movies (see “Shooter” a.k.a. “Crap”) it looks like I should start a new category for sucky movies called A.K.A. Crap. We watched The Breakup last night. The only redeeming quality was that we received it … Continue reading

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Presidential Politics

At some point in the next several months, I’m going to have to decide who to vote for in the 2008 US Presidential Elections. I am a citizen, and it is my right and duty to vote. Usually, I’ll weight … Continue reading

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Upgrade to Windows XP!

If you upgrade to windows XP, it will be worth your time. PS. The comments are also entertaining. Mostly they are pingbacks, but down near the bottom (at the moment) on Sunday, December 16, 2007 2:25 AM by Daniel P, … Continue reading

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Bush Hates Reality

I’m ever so shocked to see this report by Henry Waxman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. In brief: the Bush Administration has engaged in a systematic effort to manipulate climate change science and mislead policymakers and the … Continue reading

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Lottery = Tax?

A friend of mine jokes that state and multi-state lotteries are taxes on people who are bad at math. Given the odds of winning, he’s right, if you plan to use the lottery as a retirement vehicle. However, I will … Continue reading

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"Shooter" a.k.a. "Crap"

Jenn and I watched the Mark Wahlberg movie Shooter last night. Overall rating: Suckage. We are glad that we didn’t pay full theater price to see this one. It was chock full of holes in the plot and the acting. … Continue reading

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Scalzi vs. Ipod

Johns Scalzi sums up my opinions of the technologically closed system that is the Ipod. …no matter how cool and stylish every Apple product is, I sort of resent that they all drive you to suckle exclusively at Steve Job’s … Continue reading

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