We went to see Robert Zemekis’ Beowulf tonight. In 3D! It was good.

Spoilers Ahoy.

Bloody and gross, in spots, but good. An interesting twist on the classic Beowulf. It was imagined as a “what really happened” rather than a true retelling of the tale. Of course, there are still plenty of fantasy elements, like Dragons.

The film is rated PG 13, so when Beowulf decides that he will meet Grendel naked (because Grendel has no armor, and Beowulf has no sword that can kill a monster) the circumlocutions they go through to present some physical object to cover his swinging johnson eventually border on slapstick. The helmet, the candlestick, the carefully placed elbow… it’s silly.

Overally, one thumb up. Especially for the digitally enhanced, naked, Angelina Jolie.

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