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Toddler Stuck in Traffic Cone

Usually any Harry Potter news from around here concentrates on bible-lady in Gwinnett county who wants to ban the books because they teach witchcraft. Today, we’ve go a different happening. A toddler was stuck for 30 minutes with a traffic … Continue reading

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Comcast Denying Bittorrent Traffic

AP has (apparently) confirmed that Comcast is blocking Bittorrent regularly. A back-of-my-envelope thought on this matter is that they are saving bandwidth to sell to other people, so it’s part of their business model to manage the network traffic through … Continue reading

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Running Milestone

Exceptionally personal post. Do not pass go. Especially if you don’t want to hear me crowing about myself. Yay me! Jenn and I are running in the Tulsa Marathon before Turkey Day. We’re only running the half marathon, but the … Continue reading

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Gay Dumbledore

Jenn alerted me to the news fracas caused by J.K. Rowling saying that Dumbledore was gay (is gay? Do the portrait people have love-lives?). Apparently, there’s always been suspicion amongst fans that he was gay, due to his lack of … Continue reading

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Vicious Mean Evil MS Excel 2007 Bug

Ah, the perils of floating poing calculation. Apparently there is a bug in Excel 2007 which causes 12 floating point values around 65535 and 65536 to be displayed incorrectly. Calculations aren’t effected, but the displayed number comes out as 100,000 … Continue reading

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James Watson: Victim of Politics

Yesterday, I alluded to racist statements made by James Watson, regarding the inability of africans to measure up to other persons in the intelligence arena. Today, I see that he has been suspended from “the administrative responsibilities” of his posting … Continue reading

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Favorite Photo of Last Month

I took this in Concord, MA, while we were up New England way for a Wedding. It’s a bit overexposed, but I didn’t have time to mess with it in Photoshop.

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Richard III

Jenn and I saw Shakespeare’s Richard III last night, put on by Georgia Shakespeare at Oglethorpe University. I hadn’t been exposed to Richard III since grade school, thus it was like seeing a brand new play. The only thing I … Continue reading

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Weird Dreams

Someone who is into dream interpretation will have to help me. Recently (last couple or so years) I’ve been having a recurring dream. It is similar to the “I forgot my pants” dream, but it revolves around high school/college. I … Continue reading

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Holy Racism, Batman!

Through a fluke set of circumstances, I ended up beginning to read the story, “Tom Swift and his Electric Rifle.” You may recognize this as the derivation of the acronym TASER (Thomas A. Smith Electric Rifle). Not knowing much about … Continue reading

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