Butt Blasting your Ears

I run. You probably know this.

I usually run with my Ipod nano, listening to music. Some people listen to podcasts, but I’ve never really gotten in to doing that while running.

Unless I’m on a long run, during which I carry a waist belt with a water bottle, I stick the nano in a pocket of my running shorts. This can cause serious aural harm if, for example, you throw the music player in your back pocket without turning the “hold” button on. Then, after five minutes, when you’ve sweat enough to get a nice sheen of electrolytic fluid (sweat) on the cloth that is touching the Ipod click wheel, BOOOM!, the volume jumps to eleven. I bet I look funny when I suddenly stop on the side of the road, scrabbling at my pocket.

Oddly, it only ever turns the volume up. This has happened to me three times, and my butt never wants to listen to the music at a lower volume.

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