Running Milestone

Exceptionally personal post. Do not pass go. Especially if you don’t want to hear me crowing about myself. Yay me!

Jenn and I are running in the Tulsa Marathon before Turkey Day. We’re only running the half marathon, but the last time I was training up to long distances, I hit the 10 mile mark and had an injury. “Kapoof” and I didn’t run any farther than a 10k for 2.3 years.

Then came last Sunday. I ran an 11.1 mile route, in training for the good ‘ol 13.1 to come on November 18, and I realized that this is the farthest I’ve ever run, in my entire life. I was a track person in high school, but I distinctly remember the longest run I did back then, and it was only 10 miles.

So, go me! Of course, I’ve walked and/or hiked farther distances than that. I believe that the longest hike I’ve ever done was 16 miles, so I’ve got a bit to go to top that with my running. I also don’t plan to extend my distance running past the half-marathon point, as I’ll have other races to train for that will be shorter, but it’s nice to look at a milestone like this and know that I’ve reached it through hard work and dedication.

And no injury!

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