Weird Dreams

Someone who is into dream interpretation will have to help me.

Recently (last couple or so years) I’ve been having a recurring dream. It is similar to the “I forgot my pants” dream, but it revolves around high school/college. I dream that it’s late in the semester and I have been skipping so many classes (usually math class for some reason) that I don’t know if I have time to catch up and pass the course. Then I wake up and realize that, duh, I’m out of college doofus, and I don’t need to worry about passing classes during my sleep.

I usually blame this on latent procrastinatory tendencies, but the weird thing is (despite the evidence of friends who know me), I’ve mostly conquered my procrastination. I don’t do that anymore. So, it must be something else niggling my subconscious. Who knows.

Whatever. It’s weird.

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  1. Annie says:

    Don’t ask me. I don’t believe in the whole dreams reflect subconscious Freudian thing. I believe that dreams mean whatever you want them to mean. They may reflect things you’ve been thinking about lately, but otherwise they are simply random neural firings that other neurons try to piece together into a meaningful pattern.

    Yeah, I know, I’m no fun.

    But I’ll share with you that I had a recurring dream my first years out of grad school. I would be back in high school and they wouldn’t let me graduate because I had failed gym class (which isn’t true). Mind you, this was the Ph.D. bearing me getting sent back to high school to retake gym class. Even in the dream I was arguing that it made no sense that I would have to retake gym, seeing as I had earned my Ph.D.

    Yeah, I tend to be a lucid dreamer. I can realize when a dream is not making sense, and will start to argue the logic in the dream.

    The husband has actually gotten pretty good at pointing me to the origins of the otherwise odd fragments of my dreams. And, I’m a pretty vivid dreamer.

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