Argh for the Red Sox

If you haven’t any interest in baseball, stop now. Don’t read.

I flipped on game 4 of the ALCS last night, just in time for the first pitch of the top of the fifth inning. Tim Wakefield and his vaunted Knuckle Ball were at the plate for Boston. Chaos ensued.

7 runs and 30 minutes later, the inning is over and I’m in the depths of misery. What the hell! Why is everyone suddenly hitting that knuckleball? And why do the Sox’s starters have such a shitty ERA in this series? I’m depressed.

Now they’re looking at the bottom end of a 3-1 series lead. Elimination could come on Thursday, at Cleveland. If the Sox manage to hang on, they’ll come home for a Saturday/Sunday to close out the series, and someone will face Colorado.


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