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Top Science Fiction Authors

The top 16 science fiction authors, as measured by Hugo and Nebula awards, are listed by SF Signal I find it interesting that of the sixteen authors, I don’t like the works of eight. Does this make me shallow? I … Continue reading

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Head Transportation

When you’re transporting human heads, don’t lose your paperwork. Or get stopped for speeding.

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Butt Blasting your Ears

I run. You probably know this. I usually run with my Ipod nano, listening to music. Some people listen to podcasts, but I’ve never really gotten in to doing that while running. Unless I’m on a long run, during which … Continue reading

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Protecting the Unborn -or- Hypocrisy

Despite the title, this has nothing to do with abortion. This also has nothing to do with pre-natal care. It’s really more about the weirdness of people. Follow this link to an article discussing the health dangers of smoking, and … Continue reading

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Comment Spam Redux

Just a few days ago I made a quick posting about comment spam, and how I don’t get much. Aha! “Speak of the Devil”, and all those other phrases leap to mind. I have been biblically deluged with comment spam … Continue reading

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If You Liked First Season Heroes…

…you might find this review of Heroes’ second season amusing. For the record, I agree in principle with everything that is stated, yet I still watch. I’m a slave.

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Favorite Photo of Last Month – 2

This photo is from our trip to Massachusetts last month. Believe it or nor, despite all the time I spent living within 60 miles of Minuteman National Park, the site of “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World”, I’d never been … Continue reading

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Comment Spam

I don’t get much comment spam that I have to directly moderate. Most of it is picked up by the wordpress-default comment spam eliminator Aksimet. I get some, though, and the majority is linking to (allegedly) prescription drug or (definitely) … Continue reading

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Random Podcast!

This is a random sound posting. Don’t listen to it. It’s boring. I’m doing this out of pure ego. I recorded my voice, therefore I must share it with the world.

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Type the States

This is more a contest of typing skill than memory, but… 2m 5s Click here to try the quiz. Thanks to Pianorayk

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