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Air Guitar Championships

Airport CNN alerted me to the fact that the Air Guitar Championships were recently held. Wow.

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Wifi Access

I’m on a business trip today, and to complement my time, I borrowed the office laptop, rife with wifi connectivity. I intended to sit at my gate at Hartsfield-Jackson Intl. Airport, checking my morning email, perhaps blogging, but I discovered … Continue reading

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2007 Peachtree City Triathlon

I raced my first Triathlon today! The Peachtree City Triathlon is a sprint tri (0.3 mile swim, 13.3 mile bike, 3.1 mile run) and I came in with a time of 1:23:56. This was about 10 minutes faster than what … Continue reading

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Open Thread

Lurkers Unite! I know you’re out there. There’s at least two I’m aware of. If you lurk this blog, I demand that you comment, at least so your email address gets into the list-of-emails-with-moderated-comments. Then the next time you comment, … Continue reading

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Favorite Photo of the Week

I just love Robin’s expression. From Dragon*Con last weekend. We were playing Pirates on the 12th floor of the Hilton, and I snapped this image from the 15th floor balcony.

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Why Trees are Evil

Mike L. would say that Trees are Evil because they pump volatile organic compounds into the air, thusly causing global warming and smog. If we cut down all of the trees, there will be no VOC’s to mix with the … Continue reading

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The Magic of Flickr

In case anyone cares, all of my Dragon*Con images are posted to flickr now. There are two sets, one containing all of the images I felt worthy of upload, and one containing my “favorites”. I quotate “favorites” because there wasn’t … Continue reading

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Sacrifice Goats to Fly!

Boeing should add this practice to its standard maintenance manual.

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Dragon*Con 2007

We just got home from Dragon*Con. It was, as always, a total blast. This is our third annual, and I’ve already made my hotel reservations for next year. There will be lots of posts coming, but here’s a taste of … Continue reading

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