Robert Jordan is Dead

I can’t believe this slipped past me for two days. Robert Jordan, author of the voluminous Wheel of Time series, passed away on the September 16th due to a disease he was diagnosed with a year and a half ago.

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4 Responses to Robert Jordan is Dead

  1. Ken says:

    We’ve been deprived another 12 “Wheel of Time” novels. He was taken before his time. Who will take up his mantle and write ad nauseum about a series that just won’t end? :)

  2. Bill says:

    I believe he illustrated the major plot points of the last book to his wife and his brother (in law?) before dying. And he has said that the last chapter was “written” several books ago. I don’t know if that means he had it scoped out in his head, or what. I know that he’d been working on the book through his illness both writing and dictating. I have confidence that someone will finish it, although it’s a good question who that will be.

  3. Ken says:

    So Robert Jordan is like L. Ron Hubbard? Novels will continue to be published under his name long after death?

  4. Bill says:

    Comparing Robert Jordan to L.Ron Hubbard is entirely sacrilegious. I don’t believe that RJ has ever done anything that will go down in history as a) stupid, b) stupidly contradictory, c) insane, d) evil, e) illegal, and f) really stupid. Plus, RJ, while some don’t like his style of writing, did produce good novels. Hubbard’s stuff was just crap.

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