Wifi Access

I’m on a business trip today, and to complement my time, I borrowed the office laptop, rife with wifi connectivity. I intended to sit at my gate at Hartsfield-Jackson Intl. Airport, checking my morning email, perhaps blogging, but I discovered that, although there are six available wireless networks in Terminal A, all are pay services. There’s nothing free for me to hook into.

The cheapest one is T-Mobile HotSpot, for $4.99 a day, but apparently you need to be a member. Everybody else is $7.95 per day.

I don’t understand the economics of this service. Let’s stipulate that I’m a frequent business traveler who depends on internet connectivity to do my work. It has got to be cheaper to go in through my cell phone than to pay $4.99 a day. On the reverse side, if I’m not a frequent business traveler, I can wait until I get somewhere with better priced (i.e. “free”) internet access.

I suppose they wouldn’t be maintaining these price plans at ATL if no one was using them, but I can say that I’m not one of them.

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