The Magic of Flickr

In case anyone cares, all of my Dragon*Con images are posted to flickr now. There are two sets, one containing all of the images I felt worthy of upload, and one containing my “favorites”. I quotate “favorites” because there wasn’t much selection going on. I’ll probably make a third set during the next several weeks that will contain my real favorites, after cropping and color levelling. For now, they are what they are. There are also a number images that I’ve posted as Friends Only, so if you’re my friend and want to see them, get a flickr account and ask me to make you a contact. Nothing horribly risque, but I felt that a lot of them were not to be for public consumption.

Flickr is great because I can watch the view count of my images climb during lunch time on the east coast. I also have been watching the image count with keywords “dragoncon 2007” rise from 6,000 yesterday to 20,000 today at noon.

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