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My Dream Home?

A bunch of people who I follow on Live Journal are doing this meme, so here’s mine. I especially like the dimensions of my garage being measured in light-seconds. Your home is a Futuristic Magnate’s Headquarters Your kitchen is someplace … Continue reading

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For our SUV Haters

Grandad tests out Anti-SUV rockets. Quite effective.

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It's a Mad Mad Mad … World

Phil Plait has a posting concerning a major TV personality who doesn’t know whether the Earth is flat. Phil hit it hard, but I’ll reiterate one of his points. It is just not possible to exist in an industrialized country … Continue reading

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Ten Things Not to do on your Blog/Website

I think I’m only doing two of these things that Binary Moon says shouldn’t be included on a website. Of course, I don’t have any advertising, which eliminates the possibility of me screwing up numbers 1-4, which means I’m hitting … Continue reading

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Starship Captains

Through the good works of SF Signal, I’m referred to Top Twenty Starship Captains, by Kunochan. I actually didn’t find this posting to be all that great, but I commented on the thread, so I’ll link it here. If nothing … Continue reading

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Robert Jordan is Dead

I can’t believe this slipped past me for two days. Robert Jordan, author of the voluminous Wheel of Time series, passed away on the September 16th due to a disease he was diagnosed with a year and a half ago.

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Talk like a Pirate Day!

Don’t forget tomorrow is Talk Like A Pirate day!

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Dedication, Time, OCD

Somedays I think my life would be easier if I were an obsessive-compulsive.* Let’s look at what I’m doing right now: Working a consultant engineering job, with its attendant time consumptions, busy putting in more personal exercise hours than I … Continue reading

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Favorite Photo of the Week

Successful Triathlon!

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Meyers-Briggs Workshop

I’m going through “New Manager’s Orientation” this week. Part of the day one festivities was a Meyers-Briggs workshop. If you’ve never done one, don’t worry about the details, it’s not relevant to my anecdote. If you have, I’m an ESTJ. … Continue reading

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