Atlanta City Council wants to Ban Saggy Pants

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the city council is contemplating an amendment of the city code which is targeted to ban saggy pants (reg. required).

To summarize: Someone on the council considers the style of droopy drawers with boxer shorts showing to be indecent and inappropriate. Therefore, an ordinace with fines attached. The ACLU is stepping up to combat this stereotypically stupid measure by demonstrating that it could not be enforced in a non-discriminatory way. Despite its wording, which would eliminate jog bras, bra straps, thong straps, and running shorts from public view, it is intended to be a blow against a primarily african-american clothing style.

Usually, I’m happy to live in the Atlanta Metro area. It’s a cosmopolitan place, with very little “deep south” vibe, excepting some blue laws and the traditional southern hospitality and friendliness. This sort of thing, though, makes me wonder what goes on at council meetings. I can just hear some old geezer during the meeting shouting, “Dang whipper snappers! Don’t they know how to dress!”

Very very silly.

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2 Responses to Atlanta City Council wants to Ban Saggy Pants

  1. Annie says:

    Agreed, very, very silly, indeed.

  2. Steve says:

    I don’t know which people are the bigger idiots; the ones that think there should be laws to tell people how to dress, or the imbeciles that dress like this.

    Seriously! WTF is wrong with you stupid-ass, dumb mother-fuckers!?!?! Not only do you look like a fucking retard, but you are emulating losers! Wake the fuck up.

    They say this style originated in prisons. Perhaps it did. I always thought it originated from poor black people that didn’t have enough money to buy clothes that fit properly. Either way, when you decide to dress like this on purpose, do you realize how idiotic you are for going out of your way to look like someone that might be poor or a criminal?

    Obviously, I feel pretty strongly about this fashion style. I feel just as strong however, and think it is even more ignorant to tell people how to dress. Yes, we see their underwear, but it is boxers that still cover everything. This is not a matter of decency, where perhaps we are really seeing someone’s ass. (They are asses for dressing like this.) This is just a matter of people publicly displaying what complete fucking morons they are. I don’t like it either, but I am intelligent enough to know that once you go down the slippery slope of legislating if someone can wear saggy pants, we aren’t far from the point of forcing women to wear veils.

    As Dr. Evil would say; “Why must I be surrounded by freakin’ idiots!”

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