Armageddon will Destroy the Internet

The Armageddon will destroy The Internet. At least, that’s my thought on the topic.

This random thought came out of a random websearch using the terms “Bicycle” and “Armageddon”, the story behind which is really too involved to cover here. Anyhow, I came across this site, which asked, “Would the Internet survive Armageddon?” This question was asked in the context of “during a post-apocalyptic world, what services could reasonably be expected to survive?”

My opinion arises from the term “Armageddon” which has one very specific connotation: The End of the Biblical World. I think if the final battle is fought between God and Satan, the internet is going to be a casualty.

Outside my pedantic stance on the term “Armageddon” the question posed at the link has some good answers. If you’re interested in writing post apocalyptic fiction, I recommend you read it.

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