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I learned about Twitter last spring, when it was mentioned during Podcamp Atlanta (which was a rockin’ good time). Twitter is an social networking protocol that lets you post a 140 character update about what you’re doing right now. For example, I posted this morning that I was “Developing traffic volume growth projections for a project” which is the first thing I’m doing today. You can see it there, over in the sidebar, under my picture. Perhaps later, I’ll post that I’m “eating lunch” or “becoming addicted to social networking.” The point is, that people who care can follow what you’re up to, as you choose to post it.

At the moment, I’m unsure of the utility. I don’t know if any of my other friends are on Twitter (and Twitter doesn’t seem to have a search facility, but I haven’t thoroughly examined it yet), which would seriously reduce my dedication. I’ll keep you informed.

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One Response to More Social Networking

  1. Jim says:

    I’m on twitter… my lj name is my username on twitter.

    Personally, I don’t really get it. I originally signed up, made one post, and then didn’t update it for months. I think it has a lot of utility for people that are close together in a tight space. For example, New York City. But since you and I live 1,000 miles apart, I don’t know how much it would help me to get regular updates as to what you were doing.

    But, of course, now that I know someone else on Twitter regularly, maybe I’ll make more of an attempt, Metcalfe’s law and all…

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