Name Searching

I clicked through to Is This Your Name to find out what was going on with “Bill Ruhsam”. Amusingly, I found out that I don’t exist…

3. According to the US Census Bureau°, 0.112% of US residents have the first name ‘Bill’ and fewer than 0.001% have the surname ‘Ruhsam’. The US has around 300 million residents, so we guesstimate there are 0 ‘Bill Ruhsam’s.

Yay! There are zero of me!

What’s neat with that site was I found some people who were citing my flickr photos without my previous knowledge. Cool.

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3 Responses to Name Searching

  1. Amy says:

    I got similar results, although with a higher frequency of the occurance of Amy (.451%) but the same numbers on % for surname, resulting in 0 Amy Van Epps’s

    I rather liked #2 in section 3. It read as follows:
    Your ‘Numerology’ number is 6. If it wasn’t bulls**t, it would mean that you are responsible, careful, and compassionate. A giver, you are there to support and care for the most vulnerable.

  2. Amy says:

    Me again, of course the most interesting part about the census determining there are 0 of me, is that I know of at least 1 other Amy Van Epps in the world, and it seems likely that one of the links from the census results was the LJ of said person. :-)

  3. Chris says:

    I always suspected that Bill wasn’t real. Leave it to a random website to finally have statistical evidence.

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