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Harry Potter Dethroned!

At least from his place at the top of the blogosphere. Apparently, Alberto Gonzales is much more gab worthy right now.

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Making my Wife Blow Up…

…by citing blogs that cite studies that decry modern feminism. “Women are better at finding doughnuts than men.”

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Track and Field Units of Measure

I was watching Track and Field last night when a seemingly obvious question came to mind. I say “seemingly” because it has never crossed my mind before. Why do we measure running distances (except the marathon) in meters but throwing … Continue reading

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Dragon*Con 2007

Dragon*Con is this weekend! I’m psyched. If you live in the Atlanta area and have any interested whatsoever in Scifi, Fantasy, Comics, Gaming, Movies, Anime, Costuming, Podcasting, Writing, Books, Buffy, Angel, Star Trek, Star Wars, or just seeing Klingons walk … Continue reading

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Favorite Photo of the Week

It’s not the best photo, but I still like it. We were whitewater rafting in Tennessee on the Middle Ocoee river. I highly recommend this trip. A close second was this image: This was taken in one of the conference … Continue reading

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Why We Don't Trust Mechanics

My vehicle was making some distressing new noises this week. They seemed to originate from the front end (front wheel drive) during acceleration and cornerning, which is not a good combination. I was thinking CV joint or axle. It turns … Continue reading

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Atlanta City Council wants to Ban Saggy Pants

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the city council is contemplating an amendment of the city code which is targeted to ban saggy pants (reg. required). To summarize: Someone on the council considers the style of droopy drawers with boxer … Continue reading

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Walking with Frodo et al.

Jim, of Physics is Phun, pointed me in the direction of a site that allows you to track your mileage along the route of the Fellowship of the Ring, from Hobbinton to Rivendell and onward. Side trips are included such … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Found on David Louis Edelman’s blog: …if the Antichrist has an MP3 player, it’s a Zune. From a business perspective, how do you market to the Antichrist? Hmm…

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Busy Weekend

This is more of a livejournal posting, but as I only use livejournal to keep up with what my friends are doing, voila! Saturday I spent all day working on the AT with the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club. It was … Continue reading

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