This Week in Traffic: 30 July 2007

Transportation Competitions

The Engines Running Onload/Offload competitions were held at McChord Air Force Base in Washington last week. This involves Air Mobility Command ground forces unloading and reloading a cargo aircraft as quickly (and safely) as possible. This reminds me of the Truck Rodeo’s that TxDOT holds every year, where TxDOT maintenace staff compete to see who can operate their vehicles with the most skill and precision.

Frisbee Traffic Calming

More innovative methods for making residential traffic slow down. Similar to the phantom rope pull.

IBM Pontificates on Transpo Solutions

IBM reveals their opinion on 5 advances that will move transportation to a more efficient system.

Fun things to do in Traffic

In Bangalore, you read in traffic jams. I, personally, have witnessed a woman driving 75 mph down Interstate 27 in Texas while reading a paperback. Chris has an image of a man flossing while driving which he sent to the Meandering Starre. What’s next?

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