Reshelving Non-Scientific Books

gacked from Pharyngula

Biologist Helping Bookstores has a quest. He reshelves books without a science theme to parts of the book store he feels appropriate.

I’m of two minds about this. My first mind thinks that he’s right; Michael Behe does not belong in the science section any more than Harry Potter does. My other mind thinks that he’s making the bookstore employees’ life a lot more difficult. It’s not up to them (in the chain stores, mind) where the books are shelved. It all comes out of the computer. Thusly, A Brave New World is in Literature, while Laurel K. Hamilton’s books are in Fantasy (Science Fiction and Pornography are more appropriate, respectively).

This is discussed in detail in the comments on BhB’s site. Especially this posting about reshelving in Barnes and Noble.

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