End of Drought?

I was going to apologize for not posting anything (barely) for about two weeks, but then I remembered that apologizing-for-not-posting is a total n00b thing to do. At least I thought I remembered, so I went looking for that half-forgotten “10 things not to do on blogs” posting I read many moons ago.

While googling, I found this diatribe, describing why blogs suck, or at least why they are not legitimate writing.

I also re-realized that I am a poster boy for at least half of Jakob Nielsen’s 10 Blog Design Mistakes.

Then Crazy Bob reminded me why apologizing for not posting is a waste of your audience’s feedreader.

And, of course, I found that I was helping to contribute to the downfall of American Journalism.

I never did find that old article instructing me to never post an apology when going through a dry spell, but stuff should be popping up on a more regular basis this week.

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