"Why I Read Blogs" -or- "Wicked Stuff!"

I have a feedreader, appropriately named Feedreader, which serves up to me on a daily basis a stew of random stuff. Some of this is fluff, some is interesting, some is funny, some is crap, and some is so freaking cool, that I have to pass it along to you.

The reason why I get this deluge of random stuff every day is because, while interested in a lot of different things, I do not have the time to winnow the chaff and come out with the cool stuff on a daily basis. This is why I trust other blogs, such as the one about to be mentioned, to keep me informed.

Thusly we come to today’s topic. I feel slightly silly blogging about it because I happen to know that at least 60% of my readers also read this other blog, but too bad. It’s wicked freaking cool.

Bad Astronomy reports today on a program to engage the public in identifying galaxy types. But don’t take my word for how totally awesome this is, go read it for yourself.

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