This Week in Traffic: 11 July 2007


I agree with Thats Fit. This is a weird product. A treadmill that moves? What’s the point? The advertisement at the manufacturer site says, “With this vehicle you’ll move fast forward when walking slow, thanks to its 3 gears.” I guess they’ve never heard of the principle of conservation of momentum. Just because you gear it up, doesn’t mean you’re not expending the same amount of energy to go a particular speed, otherwise you’re smacking of perpetual motion. Just ask Physics is Phun

Big Dig Tunnel

One year ago, a portion of falsework fell and killed a motorist. Here is some news coverage

Bear Jam!

A bear in California caused a traffic jam. I’m more used to Moose Jams!

“We’re Green, but we Don’t Ride Bikes”

Interesting news out of Britain.

“If you Don’t Ride Bikes, Ride Elephants!”

See your alternative transportation here.

Experimental Yellow-Green Stripe Discontinued

Chicago was experimenting with yellow-green striping for its school zone crosswalks. The Federal Highway Administration has found that the non-standard color had no effect on safety and has directed that it be discontinued.

New Toy

A new scooter is on the market.

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