This Week in Traffic: 9 July 2007

Neighborhood Traffic Calming

This demonstration shows what a little ingenuity can get you, with very small expense.

Pig: It’s Not Just for Eatin’ Anymore

The very-rarely used upgrade on the Spy Hunter arcade game: Pig Parts!


By the hour car rentals in foreign cities. Some observations.

Continuous Traffic Monitoring

As the linked article states, continous traffic monitoring is not new. You’ll probably have noticed rectangular or square pavement cuts along the major highways where you live. These detectors are the same as what is used to actuate a traffic signal, but they store different data. The count cars and measure speed and can determine what type of vehicle passed over. The article discusses methods for reducing the cost of operating these continuous count stations. As a tax payer, and an engineer, I’m all for reducing costs while increasing utility and efficiency.

More Rumblings about Real-Time Traffic

See here

Texas Email Hoax

If you drive in Texas, you can still use your cellphone.

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