Pesky Harry Potter Peeves

This article talks about preorders of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (11.5 Days!).

It pissed me off for two reasons.

One: At the top of the article is a picture of Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter. Now, I realize that he is HP of the movies, but he is most decidedly not Harry Potter of the books. The hair is wrong, the scar is wrong, and frankly, there’s a huge difference between the books and the movies. Let’s keep it that way.

Two: This quote. “…the concluding novel is generating much excitement because Rowling has indicated that one or more major characters will be killed off.” Really? That’s the only reason why there’s much excitement? That’s the best reason? Not the fact that this is the last book? Not the fact that all the mysteries of the last two books will be laid to rest? Come on, at least let someone write the copy who has read the books.

Crazy people…

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