Braves vs. Red Sox

I have been an Atlanta Braves fan since childhood. My family lived in Florida for nine years, before there were any Florida teams, so we were Braves fans. We then moved to New Hampshire and started rooting for the Red Sox. Then I went to college, bounced around various places, and now am in Atlanta. Go Braves!

Unfortunately, I married a born and bred Maine-iac who is a die-hard Red Sox fans. This causes issues when they play their interleague games (little issues). I dread the day that the Braves and Red Sox match up in the World Series.

Thankfully that day seems far away. While the Red Sox are crushing the American League East beneath the weight of the Monster, the Braves have gone rather lackluster since an excellent start. We’re above 0.500 but not by much and if we don’t pick up the pace, we’ll need to win our division because the wildcard isn’t looking too good from this side of the All Star Game.

However, a Braves/Red Sox series would be pretty cool.

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