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You May Ignore This Post

This is a test post. I have another website coming online soon, but it’s having…issues. This is a debugging tool. Feel free to enjoy the music, though. EDIT: Music gone. Still debugging. EDIT: Podcast UP! [display_podcast]

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Reshelving Non-Scientific Books

gacked from Pharyngula Biologist Helping Bookstores has a quest. He reshelves books without a science theme to parts of the book store he feels appropriate. I’m of two minds about this. My first mind thinks that he’s right; Michael Behe … Continue reading

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This Week in Traffic: 30 July 2007

Transportation Competitions The Engines Running Onload/Offload competitions were held at McChord Air Force Base in Washington last week. This involves Air Mobility Command ground forces unloading and reloading a cargo aircraft as quickly (and safely) as possible. This reminds me … Continue reading

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Scientology vs. The Weekly World News

This was gacked from SF Signal We are all in mourning for The Weekly World News, which will fold its pages soon. Bat Boy will no longer grace our supermarket shelves, and I, for one, will miss him. But, in … Continue reading

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Favorite Photo of Last Week

The Nephews were in town, so we went to the aquarium. It’s tough taking pictures inside a dark room with lots of blue light coming out of the tanks, but you can get some cool silhouettes.

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End of Drought?

I was going to apologize for not posting anything (barely) for about two weeks, but then I remembered that apologizing-for-not-posting is a total n00b thing to do. At least I thought I remembered, so I went looking for that half-forgotten … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (No Spoilers)

Friday last, Jenn and I waited in line to purchase the last book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The line and the party at our local Barnes & Noble were just as crazy as … Continue reading

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Broke My Rule

I broke my rule of avoiding all Harry Potter related news. It seemed safe enough, and it turned out to be horribly amusing predictions from someone who doesn’t take the Harry Potter universe very seriously. Definitely worth the read. The … Continue reading

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This Week in Traffic: 14 July 2007

Installation Piece Causes Traffic Collisions Is it art? Or is it a mess? What the Heck does this Say? I am not a Biologist, or a Neuroscientist, and therefore can not make heads nor tails of this abstract. Wow. Lots … Continue reading

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"Why I Read Blogs" -or- "Wicked Stuff!"

I have a feedreader, appropriately named Feedreader, which serves up to me on a daily basis a stew of random stuff. Some of this is fluff, some is interesting, some is funny, some is crap, and some is so freaking … Continue reading

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