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Biofuel Alternative to Ethanol

The University of Wisonsin, Madison (great campus) has announced that researchers have been able to derive a fuel source from plant sugars. This fuel has a higher energy density than ethanol, with lower energy requirements for production. This is a … Continue reading

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Self-Serving Publicity? Or Good-Natured Intentions?

The University of Georgia has extended a scholarship to a soccer player who may not be able to play. They indicate that despite her medical condition, Caroline Simpson is welcome to come to her freshman year in any capacity. I … Continue reading

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Competing Crossword Puzzles

This link, as provided by the grand offices of Pharyngula, takes you to a demonstration of the differences between science and creationism/”intelligent design”. A well put-together metaphor for a complex topic.

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This Week in Traffic: 19 June 2007

Bicycle Ban Barrier to Bucolic…ummm…Roads? Couldn’t alliterate any farther than that. A ban on bicycles aboard trains caused some issues in Brighton. Passengers may Protest Traffic Stop U.S. Supreme Court rules that a passenger is “seized” during a traffic stop … Continue reading

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This Week in Traffic: 17 June 2007

Are Transportation Biofuels Sustainable? They don’t know. More Talk of Federal Anti-Jam Funds There are 11 cities who are finalists for federal grants to combat traffic jams. This article discusses it, and the names of some of the nation’s worst … Continue reading

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This Week in Traffic: 15 June 2007

BEST ENTRY! Traffic Diagrams I should Use This person needs to be hired so I can use those diagrams. I was rolling on the floor reading this. Bassists and their Transport Woes Read and find out how easy it is … Continue reading

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Favorite Photo of the Week

I received my personal copy of the Saganami Island Tactical Simulator yesterday. This is a game, based on the Attack Vector game engine by Ad Astra Games. It is a true physics-based three-dimensional space naval combat simulator. It uses Newtonian1 … Continue reading

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Xkcd to the rescue…

I have tried to handle comments like the ones exhibited in this day’s xkcd comic. It can be difficult to do, especially in a crowded setting at a public information meeting. Thankfully, there are people who can draw it in … Continue reading

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Washing your Keyboard

NPR Morning Edition had a story today concerning the cleansing of your computer keyboard. Most manufacturer’s recommendations that I’ve seen have involved wiping the surface down with mild disinfectant and/or using canned air to blow the crumbs/dust/hair out from between … Continue reading

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Grading Papers

My wife is a professor. She spends approximately 169 hours per week during the school year grading various things. She never avails herself of my (constantly) offered assistance. She insists upon a high and rigourous method for grading, unlike other … Continue reading

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