L.Ron Hubbard to the RESCUE!

Did you know that L.Ron Hubbard (why the ‘L’? Can’t I call him Ronny Hubbard?) created the first and only technology that allows people to truly study? Neither did I. Did you know that things are so simple that it’s merely the addition of mass to the current level of sigificance that allows one to study?

Students of any age can run into this barrier. Let us say that little Johnny is having an awful time at school with his arithmetic. You find out that he had an arithmetic problem that involved apples, but he never had any apples on his desk to count. Get him some apples and give each one of them a number. Now he has a number of apples in front of him – there is no longer a theoretical number of apples.

Wow. But wait, there’s better yet.

When one hits too steep a gradient in studying a subject, a sort of confusion or reelingness (a state of mental swaying or unsteadiness) results. This is the second barrier to study.

I wonder if you need to clear the word reelingness? If you read the linked page for How To Clear A Word, you will see that it advocates having a dictionary by your side while studying. So far so good, but it also advocates Clearing (understanding by looking up in the dictionary until full meaning is attained) every word in the definition of the original word you don’t quite understand, ad infinitum. This could go on for quite some time for a mildy complicated word.

L.Ron is such a dope. I really wish his brand of psychobabble “theology” would go away. Maybe if I send them some money, they’ll clear out my thetans.

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