This Week in Traffic: 19 June 2007

Bicycle Ban Barrier to Bucolic…ummm…Roads?

Couldn’t alliterate any farther than that. A ban on bicycles aboard trains caused some issues in Brighton.

Passengers may Protest Traffic Stop

U.S. Supreme Court rules that a passenger is “seized” during a traffic stop and therefore has standing to protest the constitutionality of the stop. It also means that the passenger is not free to depart the scene.


This looks like an interesting website. I haven’t had a chance to peruse it yet…

Space Transportation Agreements

Three companies have signed letters of understanding with NASA (the least-funded government agency!) that allow them access to systems req’s and other information. This will assist the companies in their quest to put low earth orbit in commerically applicable reach. At the moment, I believe that cost-to-orbit is around $10,000 a pound. That needs to get a heck of a lot lower to make orbital labs cost effective.

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