This Week in Traffic: 17 June 2007

Are Transportation Biofuels Sustainable?

They don’t know.

More Talk of Federal Anti-Jam Funds

There are 11 cities who are finalists for federal grants to combat traffic jams. This article discusses it, and the names of some of the nation’s worst point-congestion locations.

Man Arrested for Filming a Public Scene

I’m not an expert, but I don’t believe you are violating any laws by filming a traffic stop. Everyone is in the public view, and any documentation (including video!) the police produce is subject to the Public Information Act disclosure rules. This is right up there with people telling you you can’t photograph various things for “security reasons.” Photography of public places is legal in all 50 states. Photography of private places is legal if you do it from a public spot.

Bars on Commuter Trains

Yes, you can still get a drink on the way home.

Kerfuffle over potential Shreveport Traffic Signal

Title says it all.


Don’t misrepresent the security-line fiasco you’re in because the TSA will produce the tape.

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